MU Marauder Marching Band Student Leadership Audition

The leadership positions of color guard captains, section leaders, and drum majors are open to any returning member of the Marauder Marching Band.


Section Leaders and Drum Majors:

  1. Fill out the attached form in its entirety and submit to
  2. Sign-up for an interview/audition with marching band staff when posted
    1. Your playing audition should consist of a minimum of 32 measures on your primary instrument for marching band.

Drum Majors:

1. Prepare and conduct a piece t be determined by the band staff.

2. Prepare to conduct in a variety of time signatures.


The need for strong student leadership is an essential element in any marching band, so I hope you strongly consider applying for a position.


2018 Marauder Marching Band Leadership Application


Email address___________________________________________________________________

Number of Years in the MU Marching Band______


Position(s) you are applying for: (check all that apply)

  • Drum Major____________
  • Section Leader__________
  • Color Guard Captain__________

Related Experience Applied to the Position(s) Above


  1. Write and attach a detailed essay addressing specific examples that enhance your qualification for the position(s) applied for (2 page max). Also, please answer the following questions:
  2. What are the aspects of a good leader?
  3. What traits make you qualified as a leader?
  4. Discuss in depth ways that you can make a positive impact in the overall product of the Marauder Marching Band.
  5. What are some ideas you have for band this upcoming season?

This information is very important and will impact the choices made.