Who Can Participate?

Any student enrolled at Millersville University is eligible to participate in the MU Marching Band.

Do I have to be a music major?

No!  Of the 150 students involved, more than half of the MUMB is majoring in areas other than music.

How much time is involved?

The MUMB rehearses Tues/Thurs. from 4 – 6 PM.   Additionally, the Band performs at all home football games, parades in the community, and in a number of exhibitions throughout the fall on Saturdays and Sundays.

Are there auditions?

Currently, we hold auditions for membership only in the color guard and percussion sections to determine areas of strength. With woodwind and brass instruments, we do not turn potential members away. Parts are determined at “Meet the Band Day” in late July/early August.

How do I sign up?

First, visit our Join Us page under the Audition & Sign Up tab above on our site and fill out the online form. Once you have been officially accepted to the university, simply check the “Marching Band” box on your orientation registration form.  This will alert your adviser to schedule you for the course and free your class schedule during rehearsals. If you find your schedule conflicts with rehearsal times, please contact your advisor to change your schedule so that you are able to attend rehearsals.

When is Band Camp?

Band Camp is tentatively scheduled for August 19-25, 2018.

How will I receive info prior to Band Camp?

Once you have filled out the Join Us form on the website, we will be in touch with you via email regarding all Band Camp, move-in, and Orientation info.

Do I have to change dorm rooms at the start of the semester?

No, you will check in to your university assigned dorm room at the beginning of band camp.

I am a freshman music education major.  Do I have to play my major instrument in marching band?

Yes. Voice and string education majors will be placed on instruments with which they have experience or can learn easily.

I have Freshman Orientation Meetings scheduled during Band Camp.  What do I do?

Both the university and marching band staff are aware of these conflicts.  Like the sports teams on campus, you should attend marching band unless otherwise noted.

When are uniforms distributed?

Uniforms are distributed during Band Camp.

What parts of the uniform do I need to supply?

You are responsible for supplying black Dinkles, gloves, black socks and black t-shirt. Order forms are available and will be collected with payment at Meet the Band Day.

Do I have to supply my own instrument?

The university will supply percussion instruments, tubas, baritones, and mellophones.  Members are expected to provide all other instruments. We have a VERY limited amount of other instruments to loan.

Note:  Woodwind players are strongly recommended to use a ‘marching instrument.’  Wooden clarinets and conservatory model flutes and saxophones do not do well in the extreme weather conditions we experience during a marching band season.